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Jumpin' Jack Flash beatmap Empty Jumpin' Jack Flash beatmap

Post  Cory of PRIVATE Corp on Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:04 pm

Well lately I've been messing around on OSU! and, normally I'm not an expert, I've been doing the beatmap to the Cruisin' difficulty of "Jumpin' Jack Flash." Part of the reason for me doing this is to get a version that has all difficulties instead of one difficulty and it is a challenge. I am planning on uploading a sample video of my progess thus far. I'm close to completing it, but I'm having a HARD time trying to get a waving motion on the two sliders at the end of the first section and the third section might need some tweaking since that is hard to map when you have to rely on the game (and having to wait for that section). Still, I'm proud of what I have so far and hopefully when I'm done with mapping every difficulty, I could do the background work and have the right SFX playing.

If any of you want to try this, I will have it up once I get everything finish.
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