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Create A EBA/Ouendan Scenario! Empty Create A EBA/Ouendan Scenario!

Post  Honoka_Kawai on Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:17 am

Create your own Ouendan level and post it here. (this may help the EBA 2 project too.) People who post can also rate other people's if they wish.

Name: Save That Puck! Goaltender Stage-fright!
Synopsis: A young rookie goal-tender, Paddy Catcher (19) has been the back-up goalie for a team since joining a year ago. He has been knowing to 'bottle it' in big situations, in fact this is his trait with the press Before the championship deciding match the main keeper (who is very cocky and arrogant) suffers an injury, Paddy must step onto the plate and win the cup for his team.....HEEEEEAAAALLLPPP

Song: 2UNLIMITED - Twilight Zone

Difficulty: 4 Heat

Great ending: His team wins the cup and he get's the MVP award. Along with this it's implied he will have a chance of being a full-time keeper next season.

Normal Ending: Team win the cup but another player on his team get's the MVP award.

Bad Ending: Team win the cup but the coach tells him that it was only a one-time thing and he will still be on the bench for next season unless he can prove himself again.

Fail: His Team loses (obviously.)


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Create A EBA/Ouendan Scenario! Empty Re: Create A EBA/Ouendan Scenario!

Post  SilenceAintAVirtue...bub on Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:36 am

Do EBA scenarios count? I'm thinking of making one, but I'm lazy and going to show it later.

EDIT: I'm done brainstorming...somewhat...

Prom night! Homecoming King and Queen!

Target:[CLASSIFIED], age 16, Male

Difficulty: 1 star, tier 1

Summary:[CLASSIFIED]'s school's prom night is coming! Problem is that he has NO one to go out with. If he doesn't get a date any time soon, he'll be a big laughing stock right down to college. So yeah...I have no idea about the concept of this "prom night" or anything. Whoops.

Best ending: He and his girlfriend win homecoming king and queen, respectively. They decide to go steady.
Good endng: They don't win their respective titles, but they still have a good time.
Bad ending: He gets TOTALLY embarassed by her and becomes a laughing stock.
Fail: Go guess. I dare you.

Song: Only In Dreams (Weezer)

I haven't EXACTLY finished yet. Let the criticizing (constructive or not)...



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